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Eliud Kipchoge shares his life lessons with CrossBoundary
Eliud Kipchoge shares his life lessons with CrossBoundary

On October 12, 2019, Eliud became the first person in recorded history to complete a marathon in under 2 hours . This shattered a barrier of human speed and endurance that many thought could never be beaten. He combines his incredible athletic talent with a deeply humble presence and the inspiring message that no human is limited. Last week Eliud...

Jake Cusack spoke on investing in Africa at the Stanford Africa Business Forum

Jake Cusack, our co-Managing Partner, recently participated in a Stanford Africa Business Forum panel on investing in and for Africa, with fellow panelists covering a range of investment types, all agreeing on the transformative power of growth capital in Africa. In a Financial Times op-ed, CrossBoundary team members - Tunuka Gray, Senior Associate, Soline Miniere, Associate Principal and Jake Cusack...