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We partner with the best developers in Africa. Are you a customer-focused developer with a pipeline of 5,000+ connections, in markets with supportive regulation, and demonstrated success in construction and operations?
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Are you an investor looking to deploy project equity or debt into projects that provide essential utility service to rural consumers, in return for long-term, inflation-linked cash flows?
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Our track record

CrossBoundary combines local expertise and track record with global networks and direct experience in scaling project finance platforms.
We are one of the leading transaction advisory firms in Africa. Learn about our Advisory business.
We have a track record of raising and scaling energy funds. Learn more about our CrossBoundary Energy platform.

Our progress to date has been made possible by the following investors and delivery partners:
Mini-Grids & Open-Source
Mini-Grids & Open-Source
Mini-Grids & Open-Source
Mini-Grids & Open-Source
Stitching Doen