EOSOL – Mini-grids

23 May 2019
EOSOL Mini-grids

Mini-grids use standalone electricity generation & storage to distribute grid-quality power to homes & businesses

Financial modelling to assess a mini-grid project.

We developed a project finance model for EOSOL Madagascar (EOSOL), a mini-grid developer operating in Madagascar since 2009. The company was in a period of rapid scale-up, moving from developing and operating two small pilot projects, to multiple multi-site diesel-solar PV hybrid projects – with capacity varying from 20kW to 500kW per site.

We created a robust project financial model that captures the portfolio-level cash flows and project indicators, with highly detailed project assumptions.

The financial model dashboard will allow EOSOL to test alternative financing assumptions to inform fundraising decisions, reduce project solvency risk by tracking cash flows and ensure that there are sufficient returns to attract investment into the project. This will, in turn, allow the company to expand operations and connect more off-grid homes.

This engagement was executed through USAID’s Southern Africa Energy Program