Ethiopia Poultry

23 May 2019
Poultry in Ethiopia

Fundraising support and market analysis for EthioChicken  

EthioChicken is a poultry enterprise that produces and sells top quality breeds of day-old-chicks and affordable, blended chicken feed. The company approached us to help them evaluate the best way to structure an investment into their business in Ethiopia.

We conducted extensive research and interviews to design the most attractive foreign debt option for EthioChicken.

Our work allowed the investor, Finnfund, to gain comfort investing into the region and on the deal structure. The US$10 million growth capital was used to increase production and to distribute more than 14m chickens and 48,000 MT of feed to 2.8 million rural households. In addition, the investment has helped the company create over 1,500 jobs and introduce top hatchery technology to the country and ultimately improve nutrition and food security through increased chicken meat and egg production.

This engagement was executed through USAID’s East Africa Trade & Investment Hub