Kenya Agri-mobile

23 May 2019

Two-year strategic plan for Twiga Foods

Twiga Foods is an agribusiness company that operates a mobile-based business to business supply of agricultural produce for retail outlets, kiosks, and market stalls in Kenya. The company engaged us to provide a detailed strategic plan with key financial and operational milestones. The plan focused on revenue improvement and balancing supply and demand. Key elements included a farmer acquisition strategy, tracking systems, product standardization and designing of new Nairobi routes.

Our work gave existing and new investors such as Triodos, Abendrot, DEG comfort to invest US$4 million debt into the company.

This engagement was executed through USAID’s East Africa Trade & Investment Hub

The investment was profiled in the 2019 East Africa Trade and Investment publication, which showcases the positive contribution of private equity to sustainable economic growth and development in the East Africa region.