Mali Commercial Agriculture

23 May 2019
Mali Commercial Agriculture

Transaction advisory for an agricultural producer

We supported a commercial agricultural producer’s successful raise of US$ 13.3m of debt and equity to develop 1,000 hectares of arable land. In addition to scaling acreage, the project will increase efficiency by permitting planting and harvesting twice per year on the same plot of land.  Combined with commercial-scale irrigation and harvesting equipment, this increased output reduces the client’s earnings seasonality while providing food to Malian consumers year-round. The project also involves partnering with local smallholder farmers to provide them with improved, drought-resistant seeds for production, reducing the variability of harvest outcomes and giving farmers the ability to forecast production and negotiate better prices. Agricultural biowaste from the farm will be converted into energy, which will minimize the facility’s environmental footprint and set a strong precedent for biomass as a viable source of renewable energy in the sector.

We supported the client in their preparation for investor due diligence, intermediated between the client and investors and supported in negotiations throughout the fundraising process.

This engagement was executed through USAID’s Mali Investment Facilitation Platform