23 May 2019

Investment advisory and commercial development for a beverage producer

We provided commercial development and transaction support services to a Malian producer of purified water and natural juice beverages, helping it raise US$ 0.7 million in debt to construct a new production plant. Inputs including hibiscus, ginger and tamarind will be locally sourced from cooperatives of smallholder farmers. The firm’s products are packaged in biodegradable sachets, helping to address Mali’s waste management challenges, and will target lower-income consumers who are more vulnerable to waterborne diseases from unpurified water sources.

We served as an intermediary to local banks and other investors, leveraging our extensive ecosystem in Mali. We also developed all required transaction facilitation documents, including a term sheet and detailed financial model, and assisted with structuring and negotiations ahead of a successful close.

This engagement was executed through USAID’s Mali Investment Facilitation Platform