Uganda Distribution

23 May 2019

Turnaround strategy for a Ugandan consumer product distributor

We worked with Ascent Africa to devise a turnaround strategy as part of its investment into a Ugandan consumer product distributor, African Queen Limited.  

To understand the company’s operational bottlenecks, we mapped out sponsor’s processes across four departments — sales, finance, customer service, and logistics — using interviews, site visits, and research. These led to a list of order fulfilment challenges, a set of prioritized solutions and new technical specifications.

The operational improvement plan, enhanced inventory tracking and greater sales efficiency all led to reduced costs and increased revenue. The investment enabled the investee to achieve greater socio-economic impact through strategic hiring and employee capacity building.

This engagement was executed through USAID’s East Africa Trade & Investment Hub

The investment was profiled in the 2019 East Africa Trade and Investment publication, which showcases the positive contribution of private equity to sustainable economic growth and development in the East Africa region.